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Zildjian 5A Black Drumsticks

Zildjian 5A Black Drumsticks

5A Drumsticks are the world’s most popular and commonly used size, and a classic stick choice for beginner drummers and gigging professionals alike. Its mid-sized shaft and medium taper provide a comfortable balance and feel, and the flexibility to produce the right sound in any musical situation. 5A's come in a variety of colors to match your expression. The ultimate in versatility, look no further than the Zildjian 5A for a stick truly designed for playing any style of music.



  • Diameter : .560" | 1.42cm
  • Length : 16" | 40.64cm
  • Taper  : Medium



  • Series : Hickory Series
  • Surface Coating : Paint



  • Material : Hickory
  • Tip Shape : Oval
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