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Yamaha EPH-WS01 In-Ear Headphones 8.5 mm

Yamaha EPH-WS01 In-Ear Headphones 8.5 mm

Design and Build

Designed for sporty users, the Yamaha EPH-WS01 has anticipated sweat and water to be present while in use. It’s a very lightweight canal type earphone. Covered with a special film, these earphones can fend off any moisture be it sweat or water. You can confidently use these earphones with no sweat.

The package includes a pair of ear cuffs. Ear cuffs help secure the earphones while you’re doing physical activities. Don’t worry if the default ear buds don’t fit. There are 4 different sizes of ear buds included in the package. These earphones come in blue and beige colors.

Sound Quality

Using the latest type of driver unit fitted with extraordinary neodymium magnet, the Yamaha EPH-WS01 delivers booming sound quality. It has a high-precision, loose-edged diaphragm. This guarantees ideal movement of the diaphragm in accordance to volume playback. All of these details are carefully structured by Yamaha to provide sound quality with excellence. The frequency range is great, as well as the sensitivity of the audio.


Audio Transmission

Yamaha has a Bluetooth adaptor included in the package when you want to use it with a Bluetooth connection. Plug the earphones to its adapter and pair it with the available Bluetooth devices. It’s equipped with an apt-X codec to maintain a great wireless sound quality.

The multipoint technology allows this earphone to pair with two devices at the same time. This multi-pairing technology allows registering up to 8 Bluetooth devices. If you want to use it wired, connect the 3.5mm cable to the device, and you’re good to go!

Controls and Mic

Conveniently pick up incoming calls with the integrated microphone. There are control buttons for easy management of volume and tracks.


The Yamaha’s sports earphones have bright colors that I love. The ear cuffs securely fit the earphone on my ears. Its sound quality is great. Plus, it’s sweat and water resistant.

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