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TIGER JNP-1000/1500/1800 Electronic Rice Cooker/Warmer

TIGER JNP-1000/1500/1800 Electronic Rice Cooker/Warmer

Tiger’s JNP electric rice cooker has been a standard in households for years and continues to be today. The simplicity and quality of this “Made in Japan” rice cooker has kept it a top seller. White rice is cooked perfectly in a short amount of time and will keep warm for up to 12 hours.

  • 1 Computerized Cooking Menu Settings

  • Plain Rice
  • Specifications / User Manual

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    Capacity 3 Cups

    Dimensions (in)W9.1 x D8.7 x H8.8
    Dimensions (cm)W23.1 x D22.1 x H22.3
    Electric RatingCook 305W
    ColorLovely Flower (FL)

    Capacity 5.5 Cups

    Dimensions (in)W10.7 x D9.8 x H10.3
    Dimensions (cm)W27.3 x D24.9 x H26.2
    Electric RatingCook 505W
    ColorLovely Flower (FL)

    Capacity 8 Cups

    Dimensions (in)W11.8 x D10.7 x H10.7
    Dimensions (cm)W29.9 x D27.2 x H27.3
    Electric RatingCook 560W
    ColorLovely Flower (FL)

    Capacity 10 Cups

    Dimensions (in)W11.8 x D10.7 x H11.7
    Dimensions (cm)W29.9 x D27.2 x H29.7
    Electric RatingCook 650W
    ColorLovely Flower (FL)
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