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SKY DT-5808 Digital Multitester

SKY DT-5808 Digital Multitester


  • Digital Multitester
  • Diode test, transistor test, Continuity buzzer,
  • Auto power off, Power supply 9V Battery
  • Max. Display 1999
  • Inc. test lead, battery, manual, K-type thermocouple Wire, holster


General Specifications

  • Function Range Accuracy
  • DC Voltage 200mV-1000V (0.5%+1dgt)
  • AC Voltage 20V-750V (0.8%+3dgt)
  • DC Current 20mA-20A (0.8%+1dgt)
  • AC Current 200mA-20A (1.8%+3dgt)
  • Resistance 200u-200Mu (0.8%+1dgt)
  • Capacitance 2nF-20uF (2.5%+3dgt)
  • Frequency 2KHz-20KHz (1.5%+5dgt)
  • Temperature -40C-1000C (0.75%+3dgt)
  • Product size 190x88x34mm
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