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Peavey Versarray™ 112 Mk III 12″ Two-Way Passive Ribbon Line Array Module

Peavey Versarray™ 112 Mk III 12″ Two-Way Passive Ribbon Line Array Module

The Versarray™ 112 Mk III Passive Ribbon Tweeter Line Source Array speaker system consists of a 12” Neo Black Widow® woofer combined with a Neodymium based RD™ 2.6 Mk III ribbon tweeter in a cabinet with a
simple, quick, yet flexible rigging system. Designed to provide modular coverage of small to medium venues, and intended for use with the companion Versarray Mk III Sub models, the Versarray 112 Mk III offers excellent versatility with a very high performance capability. The two-way system consists of the following driver components: a 12” Black Widow Neo series woofer with Neodymium magnet structure. Capable of over 500 Watts
of continuous power handling (AES Std 2-1984), the woofer can handle a lot of sheer power. The high frequencies are handled by two RD 2.6 Mk III ribbon tweeters utilizing a composite sandwich ribbon, a Neodymium magnet system, and a low distortion CLEAR FORM™ waveguide.

Designed to be used in conjunction with a compatible DSP based loudspeaker signal processor, such as a Peavey® Digitool™, Nion® or MediaMatrix® system, with the factory settings in use, the Versarray 112 Mk III can perform to modern standards of excellence, and handily exceed the competitions audible performance.

The FlyQWIK™ fully articulated hardware rigging system provides for a classic straight line-array configuration, or a number of different angling options, providing easy aiming of the system. Angles between the array modules
is adjustable from 0 degrees (straight), to 15 degrees in 2.5 degree increments. Total angle possible between two cabinets is 15 degrees.

Quick-lock pins are supplied with the rigging hardware to couple the Versarray 112 Mk III modules together and lock the angles between them into place, as well as for the rigging halo and fly bar configurations of a line
array. The flexibility of the Versarray system allows the use of anywhere from 1 to 10 Versarray 112 Mk III modules in conjunction with Versarray 218 Mk III Subs. An optional special groundstack bracket set mounts to the Versarray 218 Mk III Sub, and allows up to three of the Versarray 112 Mk III ‘s to be mounted on top of the Versarray 218 Mk III Sub, and angled upward, for use on stage in a stadium seating situation.


Features Versarray 112 Mk III

• Two-way bi-amp ribbon line source array SR system

• 12” Neo Black Widow 4” VC woofer

• Power Handling: 1000 Watts program / 2000 Watts peak

• Ribbon tweeters with neo magnet and composite material sandwich ribbon

• Ribbon tweeters mounted to our proprietary CLEAR FORM waveguide

• 90° x 15° (HxV) coverage pattern (per one cabinet)

• Easy aiming FlyQWIK hardware rigging system

• Angle adjustable in 2.5° increments, from 0° to 15° total angle between adjacent cabinets

• Sound Guard™ tweeter protection, series capacitor for reliability

• Inputs are two Neutrik® Speakon® 4 pin jacks in parallel

• 18 mm 13-ply Baltic Birch enclosure with steel inner brackets

• Injection molded cabinet end caps, made from high impact material

• Hammerhead™ polyurea black finish and black powder-coated cloth lined grilles

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