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OUKE Soy Milk Maker DJ13B-3905D

OUKE Soy Milk Maker DJ13B-3905D


l  Dry Bean: For making soy milk with dry soy beans

l  Soaked Bean: For making soy milk with soy beans that has been soaked

l  Cereal Milk: For use on any beans other than soybeans.

l  Nutrient Paste: For making nutrient paste with beans/ rice etc.

l  Mung/ Red Bean: For use on red bean& mung bean

l  Corn Juice: For making delicious corn juice.

l  Nutrient Porridge: For making drinks with rice, millet, and also for making soup with carrots, onions, tomatoes etc.

l  Fruit Blending: Blending function only, no heat. Perfect for making juice or when adding other ingredients to mix with already made soymilk.

l  Using high quality stainless steel blade

l  Double protect devices can make more safe

l  Double waterproof devices, effectively protect the machine

l  Ultra-fine Grinding Technology, grinded every soybean in the small compartment to fully extract nutrients 

Product name Ouke soy milk maker

Rated Capacity 1100ml-1300ml

Gross Weight3.5kg

Rated Voltage 120V

Dimension 268*258*376mm

Electric machine Rated Power 120W

Rated heating power 800W

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