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Korg PU-2 - Triple Pedal Unit

Korg PU-2 - Triple Pedal Unit

Triple-pedal Unit for Your Korg Keyboard

The Korg Korg PU-2. Compatible with Korg's B1, SP-280, and LP-180 models, this 3-pedal offers the full range of expression afforded by proper damper, sostenuto, and soft pedals. Play your electronic piano like a pro with the Korg PU-2 triple-pedal unit!

Korg PU-2 Pedal Unit Features:

  • Triple-pedal unit, ideal for piano practice
  • 3 pedals: damper, sostenuto, and soft
  • Cable with dedicated connector for connection to KORG electronic pianos
  • Compatible models: B1, SP-280, LP-180
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