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Klip Xtreme Torch KBH-135 Power bank 2600mAh

Klip Xtreme Torch KBH-135 Power bank 2600mAh

energy for your inexhaustible lifestyle Kenergy Color is an external, portable and easy-to-use power accumulator, which also comes equipped with an ultra-bright LED flashlight. This rechargeable battery charger guarantees optimal productivity for your active lifestyle, by considerably extending the talk time of your mobile phone no matter where you are.

- Practical power source that you can take everywhere due to its small size
- It connects directly to the computer's USB port
- With a capacity of 2600mAh, it is ideal for recharging your smartphone or mobile device
- It is capable of storing energy enough to charge your device once
- Compatible with most portable devices equipped with a USB connector
- LED lights indicate the charge level and the battery status

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