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Ibanez GAX30 Electric Guitar in Transparent Red

Ibanez GAX30 Electric Guitar in Transparent Red

Ibanez GAX30 TR Double Cutaway Electric Guitar – Red

The Ibanez GAX offers great simplicity when playing, with a no-frills approach which makes it brilliant for beginner guitar players.

Features include:

  • GAX neck
  • Medium frets
  • Fixed bridge
  • PSND1 Humbucker neck and PSND2 Humbucker bridge pickups

What you get in the box:

  • 1 x GAX30TR electric guitar in red
  • Guitar lead
  • Allen key
  • Full user manual

The Ibanez GAX30 electric guitar may come at a cheap price, but its solid form quality, awesome tonal offerings, and heavenly playability puts more lavish models to disgrace.


The body has been created from agathis, a tonewood that delivers a shockingly gutsy tonality in spite of its lightweight feel. The thin body shape leans cozily against the body, making it extremely agreeable to wield, whilst the twofold cutaway profile makes it simple to get to the neck and fingerboard.

Fitted to the body is a strong maple neck, which has been given a thin profile to make it sit splendidly in the hand, and simple to run your hand along quickly.

Hitched to the neck is a rosewood fingerboard, which is intended to be marginally more extensive than normal to empower steadier finger situating when playing harmonies and/or executing quick licks.