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Heartwood CTDL Dondo Talking Drum with stick - Large (8"x18") - Ghana

Heartwood CTDL Dondo Talking Drum with stick - Large (8"x18") - Ghana

This Classic Heartwood Dondo Talking Drum 8x18 is the largest size talking drum we have available from West Africa. As such, this drum is built for deeper tones and greater volume. By placing the dondo between your upper arm and your ribs, and squeezing whist gently striking one head with the curved beater in the other hand, you are able to change the pitch or sound of the drum. Those skilled in the art can use the Dondo to imitate the cadence of spoken language, which is why the nickname for this drum is the "talking drum". The sheep skin head and leather vertical ropes make it a durable instrument suited for use in classrooms, with students, and for performance. The Classic Heartwood Dondo is backed up by our warranty, and feature: * solid one-piece construction from Nyame Dua or Tweneboa wood *  strong poly twine (orange) verticals  with shaved sheep skin head * handcarved, curved beater included * The sale of this instrument provides funds to carry out humanitarian work in West Africa with Africa Heartwood Project 

  • Variable-pitch pressure drum, allows you to change the note while playing!
  • Hold the drum between the arm and the ribs, strike the head with the curved beater, and squeeze as you play. Tanned goat skin leather verticals, black rubber rings, and sinew loops
  • Solid one-piece construction from Nyame Dua or Tweneboa wood, Handcarved by cultural artisans in Ghana or Burkina Faso
  • Premium, natural, African sheep skin drum head, strong poly twine (orange) vertical ropes, and sinew loops. Stick included.