This heavy duty bass drum kick pedal is double-chained and very sturdy, featuring a four-sided beater, and these kick bass pedals include a drum key. Made of all metal, this single kick drum pedal also boasts frictionless bearing hinges for smooth pedal action, a weight spine pedal plate to help keep the pedal securely in place by preventing slippage, and beater shaft locks that prevent the beater arm from sliding out of position. The fully adjustable power cam system accelerates the beater speed, and the locking spring tension rod on these kick bass pedals maintains unchanging tension on the pedal. Don’t forget that these bass drum kick pedals also include force locking bass drum clamps to help keep the pedal connected to the bass drum at all times.

Don’t waste your time comparing this single kick drum pedal to other bass drum pedals online. This kick bass pedal is exceedingly sturdy and durable. You can trust this single kick drum pedal to accommodate all of your drum hardware needs. Try finding another kick bass pedal able to work this hard for you at such a cheap price; it cannot be done! If you shop around, you will realize we offer the lowest price for quality bass drum kick pedals. This single kick drum pedal is quite similar to a Pearl P-2000C PowerShifter Eliminator pedal, but you may buy today with peace of mind knowing you are getting the lowest price possible for this high quality bass drum pedals.

Single Kick Drum Pedal Features

  • UPGRADE YOUR SOUND: Don’t risk your sound with a low quality bass drum pedal! Invest in a reliable, single kick bass drum pedal that excels in performance and durability to help you take your stage performances and practice sessions to a whole new level. This percussion hardware model includes a drum key and is a great choice for the beginner, intermediate or advanced player.
  • GET FAST AND IMPECCABLE RESPONSE: Featuring a sturdy and durable double chain mechanism to ensure high performance, frictionless bearing hinges for a smooth action and a fully adjustable power cam system, this pedal offers a superb beater speed and an impeccable response that you will love! The non-slip, weight spine pedal plate helps keep the pedal securely in place, while the beater shaft locks in position to prevent it from sliding off. Gross weight: 6 pounds.
  • IMPRESSIVE LOOK AND FEEL: Designed to give you a punchy, solid and exceptionally smooth feel, this single kick percussion pedal combines both quality and appearance. The locking spring tension rod keeps the tension on the pedal steady, while special, force locking clamps make sure the pedal stays connected to the drum at all times. Its all metal construction and sleek look is great for replacing your old pedal and will make an excellent addition to your drum kit.
  • BEST VALUE: Stops wasting your money on unreliable products that fail you every time! Get the highest quality single kick bass drum pedal at the best price on the market and make a smart purchase that you won’t regret

Single Kick Drum Pedal Specifications

  • Gross weight: 6 pounds