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Crest Performance Debuts 4-Bus CPM 24-4 & 32-4 Mixers

Crest Performance Debuts 4-Bus CPM 24-4 & 32-4 Mixers

24 input channels; each with GAIN, EQ, AUX and PAN controls, as well as SUB, L/R and MONO assign buttons

Low-noise mic preamps and XLR connectors on each channel

Balanced 1/4 LINE inputs on CHANNELS 1-22 INSERT jacks on CHANNELS 1-20 Innovative chassis design with recessed back-panel connectors (ideal for desktop placement)

Smooth, 60 mm CHANNEL, SUB, L/R and MONO faders Phantom power with separate activation switches and LEDs indicating operation on CHANNELS 1-16 or 17-24 (CPM 24-4)

Two SUPER CHANNELS with PAD (-20 dB) and POLARITY buttons Two STEREO CHANNELS with 1/4 and RCA connectors Six AUX sends (4 balanced XLR)

Four SUB groups with patchable dynamic compressors MUTE and PFL buttons, clip (PK) and signal (SIG)

LEDs on all input channels Two RETURNs, each with switchable low-cut (150 Hz) filter, level control, bus assignment, mute and AFL PFL on all input channels AFL on all AUX SEND, RETURN, SUB and MONO channels Stereo HEADPHONE output BALANCED XLR and UNBALANCED 1/4 outputs for MONO, LEFT and RIGHT LEFT, RIGHT and MONO master INSERTS SUB group and MASTER CLIP LEDs sample at summing amp and post-FADER