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  • 【High quality】: Our speaker connectors are made of ABS plastic material, which is not only durable but also has a long service life. Corrosion resistant, ensuring firm, clear, natural sound accuracy without distortion.
  • 【Stability】: This NL4FC 4-pin speaker connector offers consistent features and professional performance. To obtain a stable signal between the audio components. Minimize short circuits and maximize signal transmission.
  • 【Compatibility】: Equipped with excellent electrical performance and easy installation, it provides you with a lot of convenience. High quality ABS plastic material, rustproof, reliable and maximum durability. Compatible with a variety of cable applications.
  • 【Function】: The speaker connector is easy to fall off and bring you a good experience thanks to the stability of signal transmission. It ensures stability and optimal signal transmission. It also provides high quality signal paths from audio components such as speakers, video receivers, amplifiers or other professional sound applications.
  • 【Simple application】: Quick lock is an excellent plug-and-play alternative to bare wires when connecting devices, eliminating the hassle of crimping or soldering. Suitable for connection between stage, studio, KTV, bar and other audio equipment. 
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